Thursday, August 7, 2014


Gerald and I love mushrooms and I have prepared numerous varieties including Shiitake, Portabello, Crimini, Enoki, Porcini, and, of course, the common button mushrooms, but none of those have compared to the delectable taste of wild Morels. I so wish that I could feel safe hunting and finding morels. I know the handbook definition of the difference between mushrooms and toadstools (CLICK HERE to see article) but Mother would never collect wild mushrooms; she referred to all fungi as "toadstools" (toadstools have that name because the German word for death is "tode").

We would grow button mushrooms in our "up ground cellar" to use in our cooking. The only times I ate any wild mushrooms was when a friend would hunt them and invite me to come to fry them because he said that I did a better job of frying them than did his wife. His wife was happy for me to perform the duty and the reward of eating the Morels was worth the labor.

I use mushrooms in a wide variety of dishes, but our favorite is as an appetizer: pan-fried using egg and Panko coating. We also like Sautéed Balsamic Mushrooms which we have more often because it is easier and faster to prepare and is also much healthier than the pan-fried mushrooms. I prefer the Cremini (baby bella) mushrooms for this dish (see recipe below).

Currently there are some large fungi growing in the back yard (see picture of with the
18-inch garden gnome) which I know are technically mushrooms, because they have a stem and a cap, but they are the "parasol" kind which every source warns against.

See the cartoon from The New Yorker.

My favorite mushroom joke: A mushroom walks into a bar and the bartender says, "Get outta here, we don't serve your kind in here." The mushroom asks why and the bartender says, "Because you're a dirty filthy thing; look at that dirt all over you." The mushroom says, plaintively, "But I'm a FUN GUY!"

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Anonymous said...

That's the cutest picture! Kudos to Gerald. You are the ONLY person I've ever known who "raises" mushrooms--or is it "grows"? ML