Sunday, August 3, 2014


At a funeral I attended last week, I met the mother-in-law of a young friend of mine. The mother-in-law is a good friend of the woman whose husband had died. I had never met her previously because she did not attend the wedding of her son, nor the wedding and baby showers I attended, in which her daughter-in-law was the honoree.

I knew that there had been problems between her and my friend from the beginning of the relationship. I had been told by several other people that the woman is "crazy", a "nut case", and worse.

When we were introduced, I told her that I had known her son since he was a boy because he had been a friend with one of my nephews and he'd been to my home numerous times and I expressed how much I liked her son. I was not going to broach the subject of my friendship with her daughter-in-law.

Another person asked her about her grandchildren and she responded, "I have three but I don't get to see them very often even though they live right here in town."

I wasn't about to comment at that obvious innuendo. I was grateful that she did not mention my friend because I would have been compelled to come to my friend's honor.

When she learned where I live she said she'd like to see my house sometime.

OH, NO! I was in a quandary how to answer. My discomfort level was very high. I said, "You'll have to come with Ruth when she comes to see my Christmas decorations."

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Anonymous said...

I know her and she IS nuts! ML