Monday, October 5, 2015


Below is an e-mail from my friend Patty.  See my response after her message:

FROM PATTY:  Why is it when you call a company for information the message that directs you to the source of the information is an American voice, but the live person who answers you is an Indian? Today I called American Express to get some information, and I got “SAM”, obviously an Indian. He didn’t know anything so he switched me to “SAL”, another Indian, who didn’t know jack, so he switched me to “TIFFANY” a third Indian. After TIFFANY and I struggled with our different languages for half an hour, she finally gave me the answer I needed. I was so “hot” by then that I wanted to yell out “Listen, Cochise”, put an American on here before I put my war paint on!” Oh pardon me, are you THAT kind of Indian? Wasn’t I calling AMERICAN Express? I wanted to say that, but I didn’t.....................America America Confused smile!


I have noticed the prevalence of names such as "John" and "Scott" when talking to these "service representatives".  I am so ornery that I always ask the Indian/Pakistani voice:  "How's the weather in Mumbai today?" That really confounds them!  When I am feeling very rambunctious I'll ask about DELHI and KOLKATA!  I'll admit I have NEVER asked about KARACHI or ISLAMABAD weather.

Read an interesting article "Slash Talk" from GRAMMARPHOBIA.

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Anonymous said...

That's hilarious about ISLAMABAD! ML