Friday, October 9, 2015


I am forever hopeful of having civil discourse during Facebook discussions. It is always my intention to abide by the "commandments" during all personal interactions and especially with Facebook discussions.

Recently, however, in a thread about Planned Parenthood, one person interjected that because of Israel's legalized abortion policy, the 4-billion-dollar aid to Israel demonstrated the hypocrisy of right-wing defenders of Israel because they are also opponents of Planned Parenthood funding.

Another person took umbrage about the comment and stated that my "like" of the comment somehow showed "personal prejudice" from me.

Not only did the second person engage in AD HOMINEM remarks, but also exhibited the STRAW MAN FALLACY, made a HASTY GENERALIZATION and BEGGED THE QUESTION, demonstrated POST HOC/ FALSE CAUSE, showed a FALSE DICHOTOMY, displayed AD IGNORANTUM, presented a BURDEN OF PROOF REVERSAL, committed a NON SEQUITUR, and jumped on the BANDWAGON FALLACY.

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Anonymous said...

I bet I've heard you, at least a dozen times, get on people for being illogical. Is that the second biggest sin, after being a hypocrite? ML