Monday, October 19, 2015


At a community gathering, I was sitting with a friend, and seated to the left of me was a school principal.   I asked, "Where did you matriculate?"  He answered that he did not know that word.  I explained that it meant where one attended college or university.

I turned to my friend, and asked, incredulously, "How could a person holding at least a Master's Degree NOT know such a common word?"  My friend answered, "What makes you think that a so-called educator is educated?"

Our conversation continued and my friend leaned around me and asked the principal, "Why do you call yourselves educators rather than teachers;  when  did THAT euphemism start?"

The "educator" got up and moved away.  I chided my friend for insulting the principal and she in turn criticized my use of a polysyllabic word and stated that I was "showing off" and demonstrating  a passive aggressive method of one-upping the principal.  I countered  that I was not attacking teachers--or administrators--and that I have a fondness for a number of teachers and instructors.  She replied, "And an equal disdain for some others."

Later, in relating the incident to my brother,  he commented, "Of course you COULD have just asked him where he went to school!"

I screamed, "OUCH!"

He said, "Your friend was much harsher than I."  I answered, "But YOU are my only moral compass!"

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Les is so damned funny! ML