Saturday, October 3, 2015


Recently I have noticed a proclivity of people to PRONOUNCE punctuation symbols in conversation. It was bad hearing "comma", and "period" said aloud but the worst transgression is the use of the despicable "air quotes"!

The most recent irritation has been the usage of "SLASH". On television I heard a person use the term "actor SLASH writer", saying the word "slash" aloud! During a dinner party, I mentioned that my mother allowed us to eat dessert before the meal.  A dinner guest replied, "My mother's rule was-SLASH-is not to eat dessert first.". THAT prompted my asking if anyone knew the words "SOLIDUS", "VIRGULE", and "WHACK" to distinguish between "forward slash" and "back slash" and the word "RETRONYM".  [I can't help myself: I was a proofreader.]

I have written previously about people saying "e.g." and "i.e." (rather than using an additional breath of air to say "for example" and "that is". ) My witty brother commented, "People think it is impressive but do not realize it's depressive; rather like not knowing that alcohol is a depressant rather than a stimulant!"

I believe that Mrs. Craig, my teacher of Latin I, II, and III, would be proud that I still remember "exempli gratia" and "id est" are the actual terms, but I shan't be throwing those INTO conversations!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I know I made the EGREGIOUS (your favorite OVERUSED word) error of doing the "air quotes" Did Norman ever forgive me? ML