Saturday, October 10, 2015


I love rainy and overcast days because I suffer from PMLE (Polymorphic Light Eruption) which means that I am allergic to the sun. I have always been very careful: I slather on sunscreen, avoid sunlight, wear long sleeves even in the summer, have tinted windows, and had never had a suntan until recently.

This past summer I was caught in an unfortunate situation of being exposed to the sun for a lengthy time and although I was able to protect my face, neck, and arms by using an umbrella, I ended up with a suntan on my HANDS and FEET! That day I was wearing "Mary Jane-style" shoes; thus, the suntan on my feet was quite noticeable because of the strap on the shoes. It took two weeks of doctors' visits and medication to recover from the ordeal.

The following week I was dressed to attend a wedding and my husband laughed at seeing my feet in pumps and said that I had "two-tone feet"!

My brother says that I am the only person who says that "Rainy Days and Mondays" always get me UP!

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Anonymous said...

Well, just like your article about Hashimoto's Syndrome, you are able to have a condition with an "interesting" name! LOL ML