Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Recently, at a Rummage Sale at the Bloomingburg, Ohio, Presbyterian Church, I purchased several books, among which was an autographed copy of The Inside Story Of The Harding Tragedy which was written by Harry M. Daugherty in collaboration with Thomas Dixon.  I wondered why a book with such historical significance--especially for Fayette County--had been donated.  The volume is a First Edition in good condition but it is missing its dust cover.

The inscription reads: 
"To Ray Maddox, Esq.  With high esteem and best wishes always.  Sincerely, Your friend HM Daugherty  Jan. 26th, 1932".

Harry Micajah Daugherty was the Attorney General of the United States between the years 1921-1924. Thomas Dixon was a notorious racist and segregationist.  His book The Clansman was the basis of D.W. Griffiths' reprehensible movie The Birth of The Nation. Ray Maddox was a well-known, successful attorney, who defended Daugherty and his brother Mal Daugherty.

I have had a lifelong interest in the Harding Administration and the Fayette County connection with Harry Daugherty and his family, Jess Smith, and Roxie Stinson.    I once remarked that there were only two famous people from Fayette County and both were criminals!  However, I should amend that because Harry Daugherty, although tried twice, was never convicted.

I do not plan to sell the book but I am curious to know the value.  I checked Amazon and other sources to find the value of such an edition.  A Second Printing edition in supposedly Very Good condition, with dust cover, but with NO AUTOGRAPH is for sale for $35.00 at BIBLIO.COM.

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WOW! This is a great article. Of course I know that you meant that Schlichter was the SECOND criminal! LOL