Wednesday, October 21, 2015


As unbelievable as this sounds, I actually heard someone compare the loss of a pet to a grieving parent who had just lost a child!  It took all of my reserve not to physically attack the offender.

 "I know how you feel...."   HOW could any normal person be that insensitive to compare the death of a dog to the death of a child?  It is beyond my comprehension.

As a person who never had children but loves animals, it is astounding to me to hear people state that their animals are "just like" or "the same as" the children of human parents.  I know that people become very attached to their pets and I empathize with them at their losses--I've even sent bereavement cards to people who've lost pets--but it is just plain stupidity for them to compare animals with humans!

NO, they are NOT "the same as " nor "just like" human beings--they are NOT children--they are ANIMALS!  It is insulting to humankind for people to utter such ridiculous remarks.  I am embarrassed FOR them that they would even think that way, let alone say their inanities aloud!

In discussing this topic with a friend, she told me that it was not as rare a belief as I had assumed. She sent the following link to me:

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Anonymous said...

I have also heard people say such stupid remarks! ML