Wednesday, April 20, 2016


In yesterday's BLOG article I mentioned that a number of folks had mentioned that they had heard that our house is haunted.  We have never had any strange or mysterious happenings.

However, I am aware of how such rumors might have started.

There is a laundry chute in our house and when items are thrown into the chute from an upstairs bedroom, they land in the downstairs bathroom, where they fall into a hamper in the linen closet, which obviously causes noises.

In the 1980s, one of my nephews was a regular overnight visitor at our home and he would invite friends to come to visit him at our house, oftentimes inviting them for dinner.  He would direct the friends to the bathroom to wash their hands. He would then run upstairs, throw things into the laundry chute, or make make eerie sounds.  He would then hurry back downstairs, by which time the boys literally had SOMETHING "scared out of them"!

He would then suggest that the house was "haunted" and that we were always hearing and seeing all kinds of strange things.  None of that was true, but he had great fun scaring the friends.

Years later, I was talking to one of those visitors--by then, all grown up--and he told me that my nephew had told him the house was haunted.  With great amusement, I told him how my ornery nephew liked to dupe his buddies with the laundry chute ruse!

Listen to John Fogerty's Haunted House with the last line being, "Ain't no haint gonna run me off!"

A "haint" is a regional term for a ghost!  If the house were haunted, I would NOT let the "haint" run me off!

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Oh, how I love Fogerty! ML