Saturday, April 23, 2016


For Christmas Gerald gave me an Elvis desk calendar.  Each day there is a different, gorgeous picture of Elvis to greet me.  Sometimes the pages will have bits of trivia.  On April 10, the caption read:

"Q:  Technically, Elvis' first radio broadcast came at 10 years old, singing in a youth talent show.  What song did he perform?"

"A:  Ole Shep".

My first memory of hearing Ole Shep was hearing my father's recording by Red Foley.  The song always brings a lump in my throat.

Yesterday I was in Aldi's and I noticed that the dog food items are named SHEP;   of course, I began singing Ole Shep, in a low voice, using Elvis' arrangement.  Listen below:

A woman, bagging her groceries, asked, "What were you singing?"   When I told her Ole Shep she told me that her father used to sing it and he was a local musician.  When I asked his name she said, "Ralph Streitenberger." and I asked, "So, you are Red and Vanilla's daughter?"  She was delighted that I knew her parents and I told her my maiden name, that we were from Bloomingburg, and that I had enjoyed hearing her father perform numerous times, and that he had been my brothers' barber. As I shared several fond memories about her father, she said that it was wonderful to know how well he was remembered.

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Anonymous said...

As Gerald has said, if you went to New York, you'd run into somebody you knew! ML