Saturday, April 9, 2016


Quite often, on Facebook, I share definitions of LIBERAL.  Yesterday's share:

For quite a number of years, some of us LIBERALS clung to describing ourselves as PROGRESSIVES because the right-wing had blasphemed the word LIBERAL.

I often describe myself as a "Liberal in conservative clothing." because I AM definitely conservative in what some others might consider as "politically conservative":  never had a drink, never smoked, a fiscal conservative, a Manager, and circumspect in my personal behavior.

Admittedly, I am very "square", but most of my "conservative" behaviors are just matters of personal preference and do not reflect core beliefs, but I know that I am a liberal in what matters most in life.

In 2004, I went to the local Democratic Headquarters to volunteer.  The person sitting at the desk had worked for me at Navistar.   He said, "I think you are in the wrong place."  When I asked why he would say that, he relied, "I just figured that you are a Republican."  I asked, "Why on earth would you think that?  I've been a registered Democrat all my life;  you would know that if you checked the voting lists.   He answered, "Well, with your position at work and everything;  where you live;  the way you dress."  I almost shrieked when I said,  "I'm a WOMAN!"

I think it is VERY "liberal" to poke fun at ourselves;  thus I will share Phil Ochs' Love Me, I'm A Liberal which castigates our self-congratulatory posturing!

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How about Tom Lehrer's song? ML