Thursday, April 14, 2016


Today, a long-time reader of this BLOG said, "I haven't seen a CRINGE column for a long time."

Since I began Sue's News in 2010, I have published 20 editions of "CRINGE--FAYCO TALK" which document incorrect  pronunciations by people in Fayette County (including myself).

For the past two weekends I have been at events in Fayette County which attracted a large number of people and a "wealth" of  cringe-producing examples.  

This list MUST include what I consider to be the quintessential FAYCO misused word:


Others heard the past two weekends:

SUPPOSABLY for supposedly

EYE-TALIAN for Italian
IDN'T for isn't
WADN'T for wasn't
AKS for ask
REOCCUR for recur
IG-ZAK-LEE for exactly
SNUCK for sneaked
WIS-GAH-SUN for Wisconsin
IS-REAL for Israel
CANNIDATE for candidate

TOWARDS for toward
ANYWAYS for anyway
                                                                                    RIGHT CHEER for right here

And hearing WARSHINGTON  for Washington; FEESH, WEESH, and DEESH for fish, wish, and dish are so commonplace I rarely mention them.

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Anonymous said...

EYE-TALIAN always kills me! I know that you aske them, "Is that from EYE-taly?" ML