Sunday, April 17, 2016


Why have I become so lazy?  In the past, I enjoyed grabbing a dictionary to find a word;  now, I just go to the computer.  I SHOULD use the dictionary as I recall the enjoyment of looking at OTHER words during a search.

Les was using the computer and I said, "Hey, look up the word UNI for me." and I spelled the word. He glanced at me and saw that I was holding The New Yorker.  He said, dismissively, "Of course you'll have a lah-di-dah word from there."

When he had found the word, he said, "EWWWW--I could have lived forever without wanting to know--or needing to know--about UNI!"

UNI:  gonads of the sea urchin

I have a friend who swears he LOVES sushi and prefers eel;  I believe that he is actually one of those people who thinks he SHOULD like sushi because it's "fashionable".

Several weeks ago, when we were together, at a Japanese restaurant, he ordered sushi, and I asked, "Is that CONGER eel?"  As he didn't know the difference between sushi, sashimi, and negiri, I told him, "I shan't trust your opinion on epicurean delights!"


Anonymous said...

You think you're so smart because a silverfish crawled out of a dictionary and bit you.

Anonymous said...


Sue's News said...

The next time, I dare you to order SILVERFISH for your sushi! Sue