Monday, April 11, 2016


Oftentimes I hear a word or phrase used which is not commonplace, and then interestingly, I hear it used again frequently.  My brother refers to this as the word du jour.  I believe that noticing this began with the overuse of the word charisma during the 1960s.

For a long time the favored word has been schadenfreude; in fact, several friends actually report when hearing the word used.

Recently, I have heard the term HIGH DUDGEON used by three different pundits in describing the behavior of several political candidates.

DUDGEON:  means a state of anger, resentment, or offense, and is usually an action because of the way one has been treated;  it is usually accompanied by "high".

Hey, I'm feeling a bit of HIGH DUDGEON myself at the behavior of the candidates acting like impudent five-year-old children!

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Anonymous said...

dudgeon and nonplussed are both new to me! Ml