Thursday, April 7, 2016


In a store recently, a clerk asked my companion, who was in front of me, "Are you more than 50?" My friend who is not yet 50, was humiliated and screaked, "Do I look 50?"

I asked the clerk, "Don't you know that you are not supposed to ask that?" He answered, "That's how I find out if you get a senior discount." I said, "That is ageism; I'm quite sure if you ask your manager you will learn that the proper question is to ask whether we have any coupons or discounts." He said, "Nobody told us that." I said, "Obviously you should have been instructed;  you see, by asking that question the customers can decide whether they want to use the Golden Buckeye Card or the AARP card, both of which your store honors."  He actually called the Manager who instructed him that I was correct.

Although I now seldom fail to use my discount cards, I admit that in the past, I was also embarrassed to admit to being OLD!  I have no embarrassment about my age and readily answer if asked.

My "moment of truth", "defining moment" or "moral dilemma" came for me at The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame where discounts were available for "seniors";  yes, seeing how many dollars I could save prompted me to show my driver's license to receive the discount.

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Anonymous said...

I keep forgetting to use my discounts! ML