Thursday, April 21, 2016


Since January I have been "decluttering" (see my BLOG articles: The Story Of Stuff, No More Stuff, and Rule Of Five) and have been gathering "STUFF" for the Rummage Sale Fundraiser for our group RESCUED ANIMALS READY FOR THEIR FUREVER HOMES.

The President of our group joined me to "price" some items which had been donated.  I already had 15 tubs of  my donated "STUFF" priced and set aside.

It quickly became apparent that she and I have differing views about "value" as she thinks that my prices are too cheap.  I told her, "I just ask myself: do I want to get rid of this or take it back in the house?"

She put a dollar sticker on some books and I said, "I have lots of books already priced and I have 50 cents for hardbacks and 25 cents for paperbacks."  She said, "But these cost a lot of money."  I said, "And they sell them for 99 cents at Goodwill."

She held up an item and asked, "What do you think?  20 dollars?"  I said, "This is a RUMMAGE SALE, not an ESTATE SALE!"

She held up a donation from herself of a small Googly Eyed Dog figurine planter and said, "This is Occupied Japan;  it's worth a lot."  I said, "I'll look on EBay.";  the bid on EBay was at $4.99 plus shipping. She said, "But the Buy It Now price is $21.45."  I said, "But that would suppose that one would actually be BUYING it NOW!"

I answered, "If you have some sort of emotional attachment to stuff, you better just keep it."

She held up a pair of boots and said, "These are Uggs;  they're worth a lot."  I said, "But they've been worn."

She showed a teapot with matching sugar and creamer set from Hall.  We looked on EBay and for a comparable item but could find nothing similar.

She put a price of $30.00 on the set;  I predict it will be taken back in the house.

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Anonymous said...

You know you have too much emotional attachment to stuff! I am constantly amazed that you can say WHO gave you WHAT and WHEN! ML