Saturday, April 30, 2016


Hearing the recent usage of terms like "playing the race card" and "playing the woman card" reminded me of an amusing play on those phrases.

Our political group needed an auctioneer for a fundraising event and we wanted the service to be donated.  Our usual auctioneer was going to be away from Ohio and our back-up person was ill.

The Chairperson of our organization asked the group if we  knew of anyone who would be willing to perform the service as most of the local auctioneers are members of the opposite political party.   I mentioned a local auctioneer whose mother and uncle are of our political party but his father and brother are of the opposite party.  I knew his grandparents and they had been of our party.  I said, "Maybe he's more under his mother's influence than his father's."

I said that I would check voter registration;  when I did I learned that he is not a registered voter.

When I telephoned him, I told him what I needed and I said, "You don't know me, but your grandmother was my favorite teacher and I remember your grandfather quite well as he was involved with our party when I was young."  He did not comment, and I continued, "Your uncle and I went to school together and your mother was in my brother's class."

In the further conversation I mentioned that I noticed that he had never registered and he said that he found it better for business not to be affiliated.

He agreed to perform the auctioneer duties at no cost.

When I introduced him to our Chairperson, she thanked him profusely for donating his services.  He laughed and said, "What could I do?  She played the grandparent card!"

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Anonymous said...

I want HIM for my auctioneer! ML