Friday, January 22, 2010

17 1/2

My young friend (the one who thinks old people don't "get" any current cultural references), told me that he is 17 1/2. When's the last time you were 1/2? I think I was 12 1/2! Ah, youth, IS wasted on the young.

After lecturing another youngster about his being dismissive of "old" people, he now precedes his amazement that I know something with, "Well, maybe you already know this......". Of course, I know ABOUT Lady Gaga (hey, I still watch SNL), but that doesn't mean that I know her whole repertoire, but unlike my young friends, I also know about Malcolm Gladwell's new book. The young friend asked me if I "actually" read all of those magazines on my coffee table and I answered, "Pick up that "New Yorker" and ask me something." He selected an article written by Malcolm Gladwell and it was about football injuries and although I am abysmally ignorant about football and ALL sports (except for curling), the article was nevertheless fascinating. I sent the article to my football-fanatic friend Patty who actually knows about football and everything else, including curling!

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Mona Lisa said...

I can't believe I actually watch curling in the Olympics!