Friday, January 22, 2010


"CEE-MENT"--yeah, I pronounce cement as CEE-MENT! My friend Patty and I have an ongoing contest to identify the most ridiculously dressed cement geese. My brother told me that it would be correct to use "Concrete Geese" as cement is a component of concrete. Patty reported geese with mortarboard and gown for graduation; I saw geese dressed as a nun and priest; Patty saw them in football and baseball uniforms; I saw them in swiimsuits with pink flamingoes. [Patty, the Hoosier, swears that people in Indiana do not dress cement geese and that it's indigenous to Ohio] Last week I saw a whole gaggle of cement geese dressed in Halloween costumes. I was in such awe that I stopped my car to gaze at the display.

Not only was there a pumpkin dressed goose and a ghost dressed goose but the fait accompli was an entire Wizard of Oz cement geese grouping. There was Dorothy with Toto in a basket, the Tinman, Scarecrow, and Cowardly Lion. If only Glinda had been there! I say, "Top that, Patty Burch!"

I have never met the set of neighbors on one side, nor do I wish to meet them. Several years ago, the male half of the couple came across our fence, into our yard, and whacked branches from our smoke bush. I know that he had the right to trim any branches which protruded into his yard, but he had invaded my space and maimed the bush! I didn't want to have any neighborhood squabble; thus, I bit my tongue and let the bush recover on its own. However, I did grumble to my husband, "Well, what would you expect from people who have cement geese wearing Bengals outfits?"

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Mona Lisa said...

I saw a cement goose wearing a tutu!