Friday, January 22, 2010


"onliest" for the only one
"half-mast" for half-staff
"cohorts" for cohort
"I seen" for I saw
"ex-pecially" for especially
"have went" for have gone
"vunnerable" for vulnerable
"surrup" for syrup
"supposebly" for supposedly
"irregardless" for regardless
"crick" for creek

You know they are from Chillicothe if they say they had worked for "THE Mead" You know they're from Ohio if they say "THE Ohio State University" You know they are from Newark if they say "Nurk"

The School Superintendent said "pluh-thor-uh" for plethora. I handed him a note and he thanked me.

The School Principal said "most unique" and when I corrected him he became angry and challenged me. When I patiently explained about superlatives, and offered to bet with him that I was right, he turned away from me in a childish manner.

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Mona Lisa said...

I swear I hear this in Fayette County: