Friday, January 22, 2010


I came out of Kroger one sunny day and I had driven my convertible with the top down, I put my groceries in the trunk and opened the door to get in and I noticed an old Chevrolet station wagon right beside my car. There were three young Hispanic teenagers leaning up against the car. As I got into my car, one of the guys said, "Nice car!" I smiled and lifted up my arm to wave goodbye and I called out "GRAZIE!" I noticed that all the young men gave me quizzical looks. I was nearly half-way home before I reralized that I had thanked them in ITALIAN instead of Spanish !

It was then that I realized that I needed to take a course in Spanish. I got in contact with our local community college and was told that they would only teach a class with 6 members and they only had three signed up. I immediately called a guy from my aerobics class who was going on a mission to Central America and needed the language skill.

So, in desperation for the sixth member, I called my friend Lori and asked her to join as she's always one to jump in for an adventure. Thus we had our class of 6 adults. It was very difficult to go back into a classroom setting after being away for a long time. The following summer we were able to put a sign in our booth at the County Fair so that we could help them complete the voter registration form when they became citizens!

Si se puedo!