Friday, January 22, 2010


When my niece was a teenager, she and I were going to go shopping together at the mall. As we were ready to leave, I said, "Wait, I must change my purse." My niece asked why and I said that it was because the purse didn't match my shoes. She said, "Is that the kind of thing you worry about when you get old?"

Years later, the same niece and her five-year-old daughter were visiting for the weekend. The great-niece wanted to see where her room was located. I always keep my ironing board and iron set up. She asked, "Aunt Sue, what's that thing?"

I told her it was an ironing board. She then asked what one did with it and I picked up the iron and got a blouse from the closet and showed her how to iron. She ran downstairs to tell her mother about the ironing board. She was yelling, "Why can't we have an ironing board?"
Her mother said, "It's because I don't like to iron clothes and I don't buy anything that needs to be ironed!"

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Mona Lisa said...

I used to iron my hair!