Friday, January 22, 2010


Last week, while I was enduring physcial therapy at a local physical therapy site, two MALE therapists had no patients and they were participating in some male competitive banter. One was from Findlay, OH and one was from Hillsboro, OH. Mr. Hillsboro said, "Findlay is the ARMPIT of the world!" and Mr. Findlay countered with, "Well Hillsboro is the SPHINCTER of the world." They both laughed and then Mr. Hillsboro asked, "What do you think Chillicothe is--the BELLY BUTTON LINT or the T'AINT of the world?" When I started guffawing, my therapist who is FEMALE, yelled at them, "Hey, guys, I have a patient here!" I told my therapist, in mock anger, that I wanted to talk to those guys after my session. When I confronted them, they thought that I was upset. I told them that I forgive almost anything if people are funny. I asked, "So what is Washington Court House?" One of the guys sheepishly replied that they hadn't yet come up anything for Washington Court House. I told them I would have to think about it and I would get back to them. They looked worried when I told them I was going to put it on my blog! I reassured them that I would not reveal their identities. Today, I told them that I'd come up with: "Washington Court House is the FISSURE of the world" but my brother outdid me with "Washington Court House is the TOE JAM of the world."

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Mona Lisa said...

Chillicothe is the magma of the world!