Friday, January 22, 2010


Just when I thought that I'd heard all the excuses in the world, I heard this one:

Nathaniel had been gone for his two weeks National Guard training. This, of course, had to be
approved by me. I had completed his paperwork and knew that he was supposed to return on the Monday
following the training. When Nathaniel sauntered in on Tuesday, I asked, "Nathaniel, where were you yesterday?" He blithely answered, "I had jet lag." I asked, "Jet lag--you went to Camp Grayling, Michigan--how could you have jet lag?" He laughed and said, "It was a good try, wasn't it?"

The forklift driver Gary had heard the entire exchange and he motioned for me to come over and he leaned over and asked, "If I'm late returning from my Army National Guard training, can I tell you I had Jeep lag?"

Now, every time I hear a lame excuse, I mutter to myself, "JEEP LAG!"

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Mona Lisa said...

His airplane was grounded!