Friday, January 22, 2010


Whatever happened to people naming children John and Mary?

In my charm business, I have many requests for unusual names. My supplier and I challenge each other to supply the "Week's Most Unusual Name".

A couple of weeks ago my supplier told me that he actually had someone who had named a child with the first name of OLAJUWON after the basketball player.

Until OLAJUWON, I held the title of the most unusual name request. One of my customers ordered the name "NEVAEH" and told me with a great deal of pride that it was "heaven" spelled backwards. My brother, always the wit, said, "It's a good thing that she didn't have twins--she might have named the other one LLEH!"

Unbelievably, since then, I have had six other requests for "Nevaeh" and all the mothers believe that it is unique with them.

In "The New Yorker" magazine last week there was a cartoon of a teacher in front of her class and she says, "Will Kristen, Kirsten and Kiersten please choose new names?"

I have had six different spellings of Mackenzie and they are not Scottish!

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Mona Lisa said...

How about the old story of the guy whose last name was HOGG and he named his daughters Yura and Ima?