Friday, June 11, 2010


At one of our Halloween parties, one of the contests was to tell the best ghost story. One person told about "Crybaby Bridge" and how one can hear the ghost of a baby crying. Our niece Robin wanted to go to Crybaby Bridge; after the party, I said, "Let's go!" although it was after 1:00 a.m. Robin and her two daughters Aron and Angie jumped in the car and we headed to Ghormley Road. Soon a Sheriff's Deputy pulled up behind us with lights flashing. The Deputy came to my car with his flashlight and said, "Tell me you're NOT looking for Crybaby Bridge!" We had to admit that we were. He told us to leave, because the bridge had been torn down.

The same night I drove into a cemetery and showed them strange tombstones: one of a cut-off tree which was a baby's tombstone.

Recently, I learned that we have a Paranormal Society in Fayette County. My friend Mona Lisa has it on her FB page as does our grand-niece Angie. They want to have my house investigated for ghosts! I called our niece Robin to tell her about it.

I took my friend Bobbi to The General Denver Hotel for her birthday celebration. The owner of the hotel gave a presentation about the hotel and its ghosts. Bobbi said that she wanted to go to stay overnight in one of the rooms that's supposedly haunted.

Every Friday and Saturday in October, and November 5 & 6, of 2010, there will be the HAUNTED TOUR OF DOWNTOWN WILMINGTON (see the flyer). Bobbi and I plan to go and we want to stay overnight!

Gerald doesn't participate in such goings-on, but I'm "up" for anything!

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Mona Lisa said...

I've been to Cry Baby Bridge! Boo-hoo!