Tuesday, June 29, 2010


{ Jennifer Pryor and I talking, before THE happening.

As all of my family and most of my friends know, I had never vomited in my life--so WHERE did it finally occur?

AT THE GOVERNOR'S MANSION--ON A PERSIAN RUG--in view of many people.

If there is anything greater than embarrassment, I guess it's mortification! We had been invited to the Governor's Mansion for a picnic and after eating a hot dog and lemonade, I decided to sit inside the Mansion as it was very hot and humid outside under the tents, when IT happened. I began cleaning up with napkins that I had and Gerald yelled, "Get the DOCENT!" (Just as he would have yelled "Call 9-1-1!" in an emergency!) I pleaded, "PLEASE, don't call the docent!" but it was too late. As the docent and volunteer approached, I actually said, "We need to follow safety precautions for hazardous waste removal." [Hey, you can take the girl out of management, but you can't take the management out of the girl!] Seeing the look of terror on the Docent's face, [she was probably wondering WHAT terrible disease I might have to warrant that warning] it was then that she and the volunteer gladly handed over the towels to me and quickly fetched a metal wastebasket. As they hovered, solicitously, over me, I reassured them that I had never been sick in my life, had never vomited, never missed a day of work, etc. The Docent and volunteer relaxed and brought more towels.

Never having vomited before, I was not prepared for the continuing onslaught--then I realized why they had brought the wastebasket. As I was up-chucking, I was trying to remember the differences between heat exhaustion and heat stroke as we would tell about it every summer at work, as we handed out salt tablets! I realized why Helen was calmly asking questions and checking my heart rate. I'm grateful to Helen and the others who came to check on me, including our wonderful State Representative Ray Pryor and his lovely wife Jennifer!

On the way home, I was so glad that Gail had a wastebasket in her truck! I'm sorry to Gail, Lori, Jessica, Concha, and to all the others who witnessed it. Thanks for all the telephone calls and e-mails checking on me!

But, of course, what I'm really thinking: I'll NEVER be invited again!


Mona Lisa said...

It's good to know you never lose your sense of humor!

skymetalsmith said...

I'm glad your alright Aunt Sue. I had a wonderful time in spite of your being sick. We'll get ya in next year if they don't invite you!

suigeneris43 said...

Maybe it was the "hot air" of politicians that made you throw up!

robbin said...

"Puke Happens"....grown ups know this. You will be invited back ;)