Wednesday, June 9, 2010


We put "stuff" by the curb and Les, Gerald and I bet how long the item will be there before "The Spider People" come to pick it up. We don't know the people or how they know "stuff" is there, but we can't believe how quickly things are taken. They have taken a stove, refrigerator, bicycle, bread maker, televison, and bowling ball as well as assorted furniture. Sometimes we see them in the old truck, but most of the time they are gone so quickly we don't see them!

Last Thursday, we put a non-working sweeper by the curb; that same afternoon Gerald noticed that the sweeper was still there but the cord had been cut and taken! They are getting selective now--they want only the copper wire?


Gail said...

I know where that sweeper came from (I think). I saw it standing in your den the other day. Yes, I for one know full well about the rash of copper wire runs lately.

skymetalsmith said...

Copper wire can be knitted together to the consistency of a brillo pad and stuffed into the end of a pipe to filter crack cocain. For some reason it has to be copper. You better hope they have the tube to create the pipe, cause if they don't have the tube they will snap off the nearest car antenna and stuff that sire down into that. It become the perfect throwaway crack pipe. I kid you not. It would take a lot of vacume cleaner cords to make up a load of scrap, but it is instantly useful to a crack head.

skymetalsmith said...

I meant stuff that wire...not sire!