Sunday, June 20, 2010


When I meet someone new who has interests in common with me, I always say that she's "my NEW best friend". Today, I met "my NEW best friend Lorie" at Aldi's. While looking at the cheeses, Lorie and I began talking and then found we had other areas of mutual interest; when she mentioned that she has already had tomatoes from her garden, I invited her to participate in the upcoming SALSA THROWDOWN. I jotted down her e-mail address and promised I would write.

I was scheduled to assist with a presentation about "Angels Awaiting" later in the day at St. Benignus Church in Greenfield. I decided I needed a "posh frock" (that's from "Fawlty Towers"--the wife in the show always wanted a "posh frock"). I went to Fashion Bug as it was close by; there I was trying to make a decision of which camisole would go best with an outfit, when I turned to see "my NEW best friend Lorie"; she even dug in her purse and gave me a $10.00 coupon! I thought: "Greater love hath.....". I went home and immediately sat down at the computer and wrote a thank-you note.

During our trip to Greenfield, my Angels Awaiting Leader Joann and I commiserated with each other that we would not know anybody there! The reception from Father Mike and the assemblage at the church was heartwarming. After the presentation at the church, who walked up to say hello but "my NEW best friend Lorie"?

Of course, my brother Norman would tell her that my motive for her to be "my NEW best friend" is TOMATOES! I'm guilty! The way I feel about tomatoes is immoral--I lust after them--when I heard she had tomatoes, I knew we had to be friends!

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Mona Lisa said...

I remember the day after the Austria Town Meeting when you told me that I was your "NEW best friend"!

You are so funny! It's refreshing to know someone who admits to having "motives". We all do, but most won't admit it!

In talking to some other "NEW best friends", I've learned that you are a "forever friend"!