Thursday, June 10, 2010


Growing up in the country, we were accustomed to having dogs and cats "dropped" on us! We live in town, on a corner lot, with a fence around the property. Les looked out the kitchen window just in time to see a person dropping kittens across the fence!

Now, THAT takes nerve! Please, no more cats! We have eleven: Puff, Spot, Louise, Francis Albert Sinatra (AKA Ole Blue Eye as he has one blue and one green eye!), Snowball, Polka Dot, Sasha Fierce, Topo, Professor, Socks and last, but not least, the most spoiled of all: Stormy!

None of the cats like me but they adore Les and Gerald. I call Gerald "The Can Opener With Legs"! The only time the cats come around me is when I am picking flowers. Gerald said it's because they have "marked" the spots. When I was picking violets this year, Stormy and Puff sprawled out over the flowers! As we have violets all over the yard, I kept moving from spot to spot to pick, but the cats would get right in front of me. Finally, I had to pick up the cats and take them to the garage! Louise jumped in the peonies to try to prevent my picking the flowers! Last week, as I was picking flowers for bouquets for Gerald's birthday parties, the cats were in the rose garden, the day lilies and the snowball bush! I told Gerald I was going to throw the cats in the honeysuckle vines as a defense!

We have a bed of Lilies of the Valley along the side of the garage. For years, the cats have ruined a section because they recline in the plants and kill the flowers. This year, I read to sprinkle cayenne pepper to keep out squirrels from the garden so I tried that in the bed of Lilies of the Valley. The cats have stayed away from the Lilies of the Valley. TRIUMPH!


Gail said...

CAT HOUSE - corner of Elm Street and Comfort Lane. They just need a shade tree (Elm) to relax under (Comfort). I love cats, but I still haven't seen them all.

Mona Lisa said...

I think I'll try the cayenne pepper!