Monday, June 14, 2010


Before I entered management, I was an assembly machine operator working second shift. We were given six minutes at the end of shift for cleanup. One evening, my co-worker Doug and I were rushing to clean up our area before the buzzer rang as I had insisted on completing a unit to be able to count it on our production. I bent over to hold the scoop as he swept the last trash into it. As I was bent over, the second button of my blouse popped open, exposing some cleavage. Doug did a mock-gasp and said, "Oh my God, THEY are real!" I straightened up and quickly buttoned my blouse. I laughed and said, "This will be another interesting story to tell my husband!" Doug said, doubtingly, "Yeah, I bet you won't." I said, "Of course I will; why wouldn't I?"" Every night I always had some "Jeff, Carl or Doug" story to relate to Gerald. Gerald would always ask, "What did your boys do tonight?", because all of the guys were at least ten years younger. The following night, Doug asked, "Did you tell your husband about me seeing your boobs?" I told him that of course I had. He just laughed and he said that he didn't believe me.

A couple of weeks later, Gerald and I were sitting in a restaurant and Doug came over to our table, didn't speak to me, but asked Gerald, "Did she tell you about me seeing the pink bow on her bra?" Gerald laughed and said, "Yeah, she bores me every night with stories about you guys!" Doug said, "I didn't think you told him." I answered, "It's a damned good thing I DID tell him, isn't it?" I invited Doug and his girlfriend to join us and we had a very enjoyable time. His girlfriend said she couldn't believe all the stories Doug told of our shenanigans.

Doug and the guys would oftentimes go to the "local watering hole" after work and of course, I went home. Many times, Doug would call me to get answers to trivia questions that arose at the bar. [I gave Doug a copy of the "Guinness Book" for his birthday; I understand the reason for the creation of the book was because of questions arising in bars!]

One night Doug called and said, "I need to know Superman's real name!" I handed the phone to Gerald who told him "KAL-EL", plus Gerald told him Superman's real parents names: his father "JOR-EL" and his mother "LARA LOR-VAN" (actually that is her full maiden name as "LOR-VAN" is Lara's father's name; on Krypton, women usually lose their full name when married) and of course his Earth parents were "JONATHAN AND MARTHA KENT" ("CLARK" was Martha's maiden name!).


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Mona Lisa said...

Nicolas Cage named his son KAL-EL!