Monday, September 19, 2011


My friend Jenny wrote this on her Facebook page: "5:45 a.m.--perhaps I should just call it a day. I tried to turn the TV up with the remote and nothing happened. Tried several times to no avail. I'm wondering what in the world is wrong with the remote and maybe I should move over a bit and try again. The air conditioner came on; oh, so that's the problem--the AC remote doesn't work on the TV."

I responded:

Gerald wanted to watch a 3D movie on the big screen TV in the family room. As I had no interest in the movie, I went upstairs to watch a DVR recording in our bedroom. There are 4 remotes on the end table in our bedroom.

I recognized the remote for the DISH. I picked it up, hit both buttons to use, just as I do downstairs, and the words "Analog 60" appeared on the screen. I thought, "What the Hell is that?" I looked forlornly at the other 3 remotes and had absolutely no clue how to watch the damned TV!

I went to the intercom and called for Gerald but he could not hear my wailing as the intercom "thingamajig" is located in the utility room. I traipsed downstairs and with a great deal of embarrassment, told him that I couldn't get the TV to work! [After all, we've had the DISH for ONLY 4 years! HOW the Hell was I supposed to know that we don't have the DVR capability on the TV in our bedroom? As I whined that I couldn't watch the DVR recording, Gerald said we could only have the DVR capability on 1 TV downstairs and 1 TV upstairs and he'd had that capability installed in my brother's bedroom as that only seemed fair.] Gerald offered to watch his movie upstairs but I said, plaintively, "No, you should watch the movie downstairs; I'll find something to watch!" Hey, I'm not going to allow anybody to "out-noble" me!


(Usually I do not use the word "thingamajig" but I used it here because I always kid my niece Tracey by saying, "I love it when you talk Hi-Tech!" when she uses the word!)

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Anonymous said...

What were the other remotes for?