Thursday, September 29, 2011


I used to ride to work with my friend and every day I would hear about her myriad of problems during the rides to and from work. She suspected that her boyfriend was two-timing her and one day day she said, "Let's go see Rosie after work." I asked who that was and she said, "The fortune teller."

As I say, I'm always up for an "adventure"!

We went to Rosie's and she performed her "reading" in the living room. Rosie told me that I could wait in the kitchen. On the table in the kitchen was a chicken inside a cage. In my life, I have never seen such a filthy place. I was afraid to sit down and just stood, trying to eavesdrop on my friend's session.

At that time I had never even had a date in my life, but during my session Rosie told me that I would meet a wonderful man, be very happily married, live in two different houses and that I would have a good life although I would have no children of my own but would be very influential in a number of children's lives.

In the car, we compared stories and Rosie had told my friend that the boyfriend was cheating on her and that information propelled her to stalk him to learn his other activities.

I laughed about the predictions, but two months later, I had a date with Gerald.

After Gerald and I were married, both he and I were working two jobs to save for the down payment on our house. I worked at Mead and Steele Data Processing and Gerald worked at International Harvester and at my cousin's gas station.

One evening, I was at the gas station waiting for Gerald to close up and he had lost the keys to the station! We looked everywhere we could think of and Paul, a friend of Gerald's from work, dropped by to visit. Paul said, "I'll call Rosie." Gerald said, "I don't believe in that stuff." Paul went ahead and called Rosie. Rosie said that she could see the keys but they weren't inside the station and they weren't outside the station. Gerald said, "That's crazy!" Rosie kept describing the location and she said that she could see bottles in boxes.

At that time there was a Coke machine outside the station and there were racks to hold the empty bottles.

Gerald went to look around the Coke machine and he found the keys; the keys were in a metal protrusion on the foundation on the front of the station, behind the boxes of empty bottles. Gerald had obviously dropped the keys there when he was filling the Coke machine.

They weren't INSIDE the station and they weren't OUTSIDE the station!

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Anonymous said...

I was afraid that there was going to be a blood-letting sacrifice when you wrote about the chicken in the cage on the table!