Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Yesterday, Gerald and I were sharing the bathroom because we were rushing to get ready for an event. We rarely share the bathroom because we are rarely in a hurry! As my brother Norman says, "When you're retired, every day is Sunday!"

The height adjustment for the shower head is on the right side and I want to have it set to my desired setting before getting into the shower. It is very inconvenient for me to make the adjustment from outside the tub because it's on the opposite side and it's up high and dammit, I'm short.

I was whining about the inconvenience and Gerald said, "Why don't you set it WHEN you get in instead of when you're on the outside?" I said, "Because I want the water to be at my desired temperature BEFORE I get in the tub!" He made the "WAAAANNNNHHHH" sound to let me know once again that I was being a whiny, complaining baby!

Today as I began my shower routine, the adjustment knob was on the LEFT side.

That's WHY I love my husband! My mother always loved the song "Little Things Mean A Lot". It's so true!

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