Saturday, September 3, 2011


When riding with Gerald, he is forever pointing out what he considers to be something interesting about cars he sees. I usually barely look up from whatever I'm reading. Once, on a Saturday night, we were "all dressed up" and going out to eat and to a play! Suddenly, Gerald exclaimed, "OMG, Sue it's a Rolls Royce!"; I looked up and we were indeed following behind a cream-colored Rolls Royce! We were heading toward our exit and I said, "Oh, follow it and see where they go." Gerald said, "We don't have time to do that." I said that I didn't care about dinner and we had plenty of time before the play started.

The Rolls signaled to go into a Kentucky Fried Chicken! I said, "Oooh, let's see if they go through the drive-through or if they go in!" They went through the drive-through and got a bucket of chicken and we were following right behind but Gerald refused to go any further because he was afraid we'd get lost and we'd already paid for the theater tickets!

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Anonymous said...

Maybe it was the chauffeur who wanted the chicken!