Sunday, September 25, 2011


Today in Kroger a young woman was pushing her cart and there was a little girl in the seat; the woman was singing to the toddler "You Are My Sunshine". It was a very tender scene and I said, "My mother sang that to me when I was a little girl." The little girl asked, "Do you want to sing with us?" I said, "Of course!" We sang the first verse and at the second verse, when we got to the word "mistaken" I sang "mittaken". The girl looked at me and I said, "When my brother was little he had trouble with his S's and he sang "mittaken" so I always sing it that way!"

The little girl said, "Mittake is a mistake--that's funny!" I love quick-witted little kids!

When I was a youngster, we had the 78 RPM record by Jimmie Davis who had been the Governor of Louisiana. I thought that Davis wrote the song but it appears that Davis bought the rights and used it as his campaign song.

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78's? How old are you?