Thursday, September 22, 2011


I have a friend who is retired but wants to work part-time; she answered a want-ad for a position of assistant to a church secretary. She is overly qualified for such a position, but as she just wants a part-time job, it should not matter. She sent her resume and was called for an interview. She said that anyone could tell from her resume that she is Roman Catholic because of all the educational information tied to Catholicism. She was scheduled to be interviewed by the pastor, the church secretary and the head of the church Board. She thought that was a bit of overkill for a little part-time job.

The interview from the pastor and church secretary went very well and then the Board member began his portion of the interview with the question, "Since you're Catholic, I wonder how you would be able to work with Christians?"

Because of that question, my friend immediately knew that she had no chance to be hired for the position and decided that the ignoramus deserved a history lesson about Christianity! She proceeded to tell him that underneath the Holy Father's chair at the Vatican rest the bones of St. Peter, the FIRST Pope, and that her church was the FIRST church in Christianity! She continued telling him about the Protestant Reformation and Martin Luther, the Great Schism, Henry VIII and told him that his denomination was formed at least 1,800 years AFTER hers! She said she then stood up, shook hands with the pastor and secretary, thanked them, and walked out.

The pastor called her later to apologize for the other man's behavior.

She received a formal letter stating they'd employed someone "more qualified" for the job!

"There is no worse sight than ignorance in action"--Victor Hugo

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Anonymous said...

He probably thinks Mormons aren't Christians either!