Wednesday, January 13, 2016


I have always subscribed to the words of Alice in Alice In Wonderland  as I am  
"CURIOUSER AND CURIOUSER!" as is my friend Patty.

Read a recent e-mail from Patty titled 

Why, oh, why do people just "accept" things that deserve to be questioned AND answered?  You and I have a curiosity that just has to be answered when questioned.  What is wrong with other people?

Chuck and I have a new friend, a pharmacist at Meijer's named Wei.  She loves us and we always get hugs from her.  She is a wonderful girl and prides herself on getting the very best deals on our prescriptions.

She and her sister and parents came here from Taiwan many years ago.  She went to school here.  Recently she got married.  We were thrilled for her because her husband sounds great and she thinks she can talk him into staying here for their future.  As a pharmacist she makes triple the salary here as she would in Asia.  Her husband came here for school also.  She had told me that he was also Taiwanese.

A few days ago I asked what her husband's name is and she said "Bernie"!    Anyone, other than you and I, would have let this ride, but NOOOOOOOOO.  "BERNIE?"  She and Chuck were chatting away and finally, I couldn't stand it.  I asked, "Why did she name him Bernie?"  Wei started laughing. It seems as if his mother was a big fan of Sesame Street.  She decided to name him after Bert and Ernie!  (I'm glad she didn't name him "ERT"!)

Curiosity continues:

This morning we attended ball games of three of the grandkids.  In the last game a mother and 3 gorgeous little 4-year-old triplets walked in front of us to go to the concession stand.  I have only seen one other set of triplets in my life (I took their school pictures).  I told Susan I was going to ask their names when they walked back.  Casey said to me, "MiMi, that is embarrassing!" and he moved two bleachers over so he wouldn't hear me ask her.  Well, of course I asked her.  When Casey came back I asked if he wanted to hear the names.  Of course he said yes.  Payton, Piper, and PRESLEY! Elvis is even alive in triplets!

{NOTE:  I wrote a BLOG article about Patty's grandson Casey who became an Elvis impersonator at age 10!}

This is my response to Patty:

Patty, How I LOVE this!  Recently, I was asked HOW I find so many things to write about for my BLOG and I replied that I actually TALK TO and LISTEN TO people!

Interestingly, a woman who worked at K-Mart was named PIPER and I naturally (well, it's natural for you and me, Patty!) asked her if her dad had had a crush on Piper Laurie!  She was THRILLED that I asked because her dad did indeed name her for Piper Laurie.  (And how do I know she was "thrilled"? Because she told me she was thrilled!)

One of Geralds's great nieces is named PEYTON;  I know someone with a grandchild with the PAYTONJ spelling.  I also know someone who has a grandchild named PRESLEY!

I had a guy who worked for me whose wife was named JEFF.  I asked if her father had had a crush on the actress JEFF DONNELL.  His wife sent a note to me and told me it was "neat" that I knew who Jeff Donnell was!

You notice that I always expect that a "crush" is involved.  It's probably because I was ALMOST named DIANA LYNN. Mother had told Bode that he could name the next child but Mother never expected that after FIVE boys, she would have a girl!  Bode had a crush on the ingenue actress Diana Lynn!  Mother always hated naming "after" or "for" anyone and said she wouldn't name me after an actress!

Every time I have met someone of my generation named Diana, I always ask the middle name and nearly every time it has been LYNN!

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Anonymous said...

I remember one time when someone asked you abo a quote and he was shocked when you answered that it was ALICE! ML