Sunday, January 3, 2016


At least once a week while watching Jeopardy!, I will screak at the television, "WHY don't they tell them HOW to dress?"

After seeing numerous inappropriately-dressed contestants (mostly women) the contestant on December 16 was probably the worst example as she was wearing a see-through top and one could easily see the bra underneath her top as well as her noticeable cleavage.  See picture of TIOMBI:

It is astounding to me that the program producers would not tell the contestants HOW to dress in a flattering manner as the number of unflattering ensembles worn by contestants is shocking.  One of the Tournament Of Champions finalists was regularly wearing SLEEVELESS tops and it looked as if her huge arms were exploding from her armpits.

See my recent BLOG article ALEX TREBEK'S COMEUPPANCE where the contestant Talia Levin was wearing a sheer blouse and displaying inappropriate--and unflattering--decollatage:

Another contestant was actually wearing peace symbol earrings and the Final Jeopardy question was "peace symbol", but she missed it!

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Anonymous said...

It IS unbelievable how some of them dress! Have you noticed how often Alex's ties coordinate with the new set color? ML