Monday, January 25, 2016


My nephew Mark and his wife Kim were visiting today and my sister-in-law Carol served a delicious soup of turkey, beef ribs, and sausage combined with cabbage, corn, peppers, and other vegetables.  My brother Neil asked, "Didn't Mom call this slumgullion?"  I said, "I think Mother's version was a concoction of rice, tomatoes, and corn with chili seasoning."  

The dictionary definition of SLUMGULLION is:  "a cheap, unsubstantial stew".  All of the online recipes for slumgullion call for macaroni, tomatoes, and ground beef.   Les said, dismissively, "Hell, that sounds like goulash!"

I said, "Carol, this is more like GAZINTA;  you know, everything GOES INTO the soup!"

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Anonymous said...

This is like your turkey carcass soup which is delicious! ML