Thursday, January 21, 2016


Last evening, at a gathering at our house, I posed the question, "Tell me, are any of you the only one at your house who can do certain things?  For example, I am the only one here who is qualified to tell whether milk has turned bad."

Both my husband and my brother will bring a jug of milk to me and ask if it is "good";  I then sniff it and oftentimes taste it, but I alone evidently have the wherewithal to make the determination of its being safe to consume.  My brother will ask, "Do you think this is blinky?"  (BLINKY?  That's what our mother always said about milk.  As some of my mother's usages are sometimes not found in dictionaries, I decided to look;  the Merriam-Webster definition:  "dialectal:  slightly sour, used especially to describe milk and beer").

My husband, sensing a small degree of sarcasm stated, "But, sweetheart, you have supreme abilities!"

Our friend Vivian concurred that she is also the only one at her house with the supreme ability to ascertain the condition of milk.

Our friend Judy said that she is the only one at her house who obviously has the ability to install a new roll of toilet paper or paper towels.   Vivian said that she is the only one at her house who knows the "right way" to install the paper products.  I told that my friend Patty also possesses that unique ability.

Several weeks ago, I had told another person about my supreme ability to decide the worthiness of milk and a few days later, she asked, "Sue, will you smell my milk?

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Anonymous said...

I'm the only one who obviously knows how to clean the toilet! ML