Saturday, January 23, 2016


We have used the same mailbox since we moved here in 1984 and it has served us well.  I had the eagle painted on the mailbox as a present to Gerald.  I notice that the mailbox could use new paint;  I'll do that in the spring when the fence is re-painted.

When the flag is in the up position, and to lower it, it must be raised up and then put down.  When the flag is down, it needs to be lifted and then it automatically falls into the slot which holds it in the upright position.

That's the way mail boxes and their flags were all of my life but I think that newer mailboxes have simpler methods of lowering the flags.

After the post office eliminated overtime for mail carriers, we have had numerous new mail carriers to take the place of the regular mail carrier on his day off;  the alternate carriers are usually young people.

It is rather amusing to see young mail carriers struggle to figure out the technicalities in lowering the flag.  Should I go out to show them?  Not until it's warm weather!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, you should show them, oh, wise one! ML