Sunday, January 10, 2016


Gerald's niece Carrie posted this cartoon on Facebook.  It is indicative of the differences between men and women.  I file this under the category:  "MEN--CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT 'EM--CAN'T KILL ALL OF 'EM"!

I wrote that Gerald and I were fortunate to receive several gift cards as Christmas presents but deciding WHERE to go was a problem.

This is a typical conversation between Gerald and me:

SUE:            "Do you want to go to Red Lobster, Olive Garden, or Bob Evans?"
GERALD:   "I don't care."
SUE:            "How about The Rusty Keg or The Willow?"
GERALD:   "It doesn't matter."
SUE:            "Then let's go to Chillicothe;  I'd like to go to Ollie's also."
GERALD:   "I'd rather stay in town."

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Anonymous said...

I know! I know! Are they ALL the same? ML