Monday, August 22, 2016


In 2013 I wrote the following little comment on Sue's News:


Mona Lisa wrote to tell me that I suffer from ADJECTIVITUS.   CLICK HERE to see the article by Richard Nordquist.

I do admit I love a good adjective! My brother Norman chastises my overuse of the word "egregious";  I answered, "But it is so succinct!"

It is now August, 2016 and Mona Lisa challenged me recently to post on Facebook A WORD FOR THE DAY to describe one of the candidates for President.  Here is my list thus far:

DENIGRATORY               NEFARIOUS                 INIQUITOUS               EXECRABLE 

VITUPERATIVE              REPREHENSIBLE      BALEFUL                     KNAVISH   


CONTUMACIOUS           SCURRILOUS              CHURLISH                  UNCOUTH    

I must report that these daily postings have been the most well-received ("LIKED") of any of my previous Facebook postings.   Mona Lisa asked recently, "Will you have enough for 80 more days?" 

I do love a good challenge!

My brother said, "I'm more from the Hemingway school.   Why don't you just say he's a LIAR and get it over with?"
I answered, "Oh, you know I would have to say PREVARICATOR!" 

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