Thursday, August 18, 2016


Last week, I heard Paula Faris, one of the irritating women of The View, pronounced voila like "wallah".

My brother screamed, "CRINGE!  Is she from Fayette County?"  I have written previously in Sue's News about that mispronunciation here in Fayco.

I had thought this particular mispronunciation was uncommon but then I heard a woman being interviewed on CBS Sunday Morning about Q-Tips also say "WALLAH!".

Looking on the internet, I learned that the mispronunciation is indeed widespread and it seems to have started in the 1990s and is now considered by some to be "acceptable" in "informal" use.


Listen below to YouTube:

There IS an actual word WALLAH:  it is of Hindu origin and means someone involved with a particular occupation or activity such as "a clothes wallah";  it is pronounced WAH-la.

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Anonymous said...

At least they don't say VOY-LAH! ML