Monday, August 29, 2016


Yesterday, my friend Debbie was going with me to Half Price Books and we planned to have lunch.  She said that we should go to Cracker Barrel as she had a gift card.  She wondered if the gift card would still be honored as she'd received it two years ago.  She looked and saw that it had no expiration date.   I told her that I'd been boycotting Cracker Barrel for years because of their policies, but for a free meal, I would put aside my moral dilemma.  

Here is a Sue's News article from 2014 about my "moral dilemma" of using a Cracker Barrel gift card:

                     I'M GOING TO PANERA BREAD

After learning about the policies of Cracker Barrel, I have boycotted the restaurants for years. A relative with differing political views than mine, who knew about my boycotting Cracker Barrel,  gave me a gift card to use at Cracker Barrel. 

I faced a moral dilemma: what to do with the card. Les said, "She's probably expecting you to give it back, so why not re-gift it a la Seinfeld?" The difference between her and me: I wouldn't waste my money to "get someone's goat" and I wouldn't consider imposing my political beliefs via gifts. Les said, "Make a contribution to the ACLU in her name."

Instead, I went to the gift shop at Cracker Barrel and got what I know is a very-collectible item and I donated that item to a fundraiser for my political party.

I sent a thank you card and to let her know what I'd done with the "gift"; she called and laughed and said, "We were betting you would return it." I said, "They don't allow cashing it in for money." She said, "No, I meant you'd return it as a gift to ME." Les was right! I'm very glad I donated the item to the fundraiser rather than re-gifting.

CLICK HERE to see an article about Cracker Barrel firing a 73-year-old veteran who gave cornbread and some condiments to a homeless man.

Also in the article, read about Panera Bread's policy of having customers pay an amount of what the customer thinks Panera's products are worth.

I'm going to Panera Bread!

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