Sunday, August 21, 2016


Now, tell me, how can I possibly resist a restaurant named THE THIRSTY GOAT GRILL?

Driving through Mount Sterling, OH, my eye was caught by a metal sculpture outside a building.  I just had to stop.  I went into the place to investigate and learned it is a restaurant;  I asked the hours of operation and requested a menu to take with me.  I didn't have the heart to mention that the word SPEACIAL on the menu, or could SPEACIAL be a SPECIAL breed of goat?

On the way out, I stopped by a table where a couple and their three children were eating.  I inquired about the food and they told me they had been there several times and the food is good.

WHY would someone name a restaurant The Thirsty Goat? I must learn why the name was chosen.  Looking on the internet, I learned that The Thirsty Goat is also the name of businesses in Waterbury, CT; Port Saint Joe, FL;  Boyne City, MI;  Moody, TX and Woodland, CA.

WHY would that name be so attractive?

Years ago, I wrote an article for Sue's News, wondering why businesses chose names which do not automatically show what they are.  See below:

                                                             PUFF 'N' STUFF

Why do businesses have names which don't automatically let a person know WHAT they are?

When we passed PUFF 'N' STUFF in Springfield, I asked Gerald, "What is that?"  I guess one should have assumed it had something to do with smoking or maybe H.R. Pufnstuf.

Perhaps they think that a cutesy name is good for business; I told Gerald that the businesses should know that most people would probably not spend much time investigating WHAT it might be, but Gerald said, "But you're asking about it." I said, "But I'm not going to go back to see WHAT it is."

The same day, we passed another place and it had "River Song" on the sign. Now what could that be? I said, "Maybe they named it after the Alex Kingston character on Doctor Who." Gerald said that he doubted that they would know that River Song was a character's name in that series. I later learned that River Song is a church; why wouldn't they have River Song CHURCH on the sign?

We have a restaurant in town named The Purple Turtle. When I saw the sign, I thought it was a gift shop or boutique.  There's a hair salon named Menage;  my witty brother quipped, "Maybe they do
a trois there!"  We have a floral shop named Back-En-Thyme which I thought was a health food store.

My Facebook friend Larry Chapman recommended a restaurant in Hillsboro named EAT.  Of course I want to try it. That's the way businesses should be: OBVIOUS.

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