Monday, August 15, 2016


United States Senator Amy Klobuchar from Minnesota  was the keynote speaker at the Annual Luncheon of the OWDC (Ohio Democratic Women's Caucus).  The theme of the meeting was "IF YOU ARE NOT AT THE TABLE, YOU'RE ON THE MENU!"  Klobuchar naturally spoke about the importance of women in politics.

She gave a passionate 3-point speech about renewing our democracy, renewing our Congress, and renewing our economy. In a moment of levity, she remarked that with the number of women--currently 20-- serving in the U. S. Senate, for the first time in history, there was a traffic jam at the bathroom for female Senators.

I had taken a copy of Klobuchar's book Uncovering The Dome, hoping to have it autographed. The book had been Klobuchar's Master's Thesis in college and was published after she attained her Master's Degree. I asked Frances Strickland, who was sitting at Senator Klobuchar's table, "Would you ask the Senator to sign this?" She answered, "I'm sure she would love to sign it." Mrs. Strickland introduced me to Senator Klobuchar and the Senator exclaimed, "I can't believe you have this book!" and that was the inscription she wrote in the book.
After she autographed the book, I riffled the pages and she saw all the highlighting and then she said, "And you EVEN read it!"

Later, while picking up campaign materials, I laid down the book.  A woman whom I dislike intensely, tapped the book and said, "GOOD BOOK."  I asked, "Oh, then YOU have read the book?" Obviously taken aback, she fumbled her words and said, "No, but um, well, um, uh, it MUST be good if SHE wrote it!."  I said, "But unless YOU have read the book, you can't really say that!"

I so love it when my impressions of  people are justified.  There this woman was-- acting as if she knew something-- which she clearly did not.  The woman is overbearing, obnoxious, and all-knowing Besides, she was wearing animal-print stiletto heels--surely THAT is enough right there for you to get the picture--oh, my, am I not mean-spirited?

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Is that the infamous/notorious JC? ML