Tuesday, August 9, 2016


My friend Gretchen brought a JUDITH LEIBER purse for my birthday.  I had told her numerous times that I would love to have a Judith Leiber bag but I never expected to receive one.

It is an exquisite, peau de soie evening clutch bag.  I haven't seen peau de soie used since I bought peau de soie shoes to wear with my wedding gown.

Where, oh where will I go to carry this luxe accessory?

I told her, "Now, I'll have to have a manicure and a new dress;  I'll have to wear heels."  Those wedding day shoes do not match this tony purse.

Later, my brother Les said, "So, you have to have a whole new wardrobe to match the purse?  Where will you go to show-off this wardrobe?  You're gonna be all dressed up with nowhere to go!"

Later, conferring with Gretchen, she assured me that I SHOULD have a whole new ensemble!  It is great to have an enabler for a friend.

I said, "Maybe we'll receive an invitation to an Inaugural Ball;  we did in 2008."

Another friend came to visit, and naturally, I had to show the elegant purse to her.  She also agreed that I needed a new dress and heels to wear and she said, "Oh, you'll be so soignee nobody will know that you're from Washington Court House."

In relating that conversation to my brother, he asked, "Are only French words allowed to describe the BAG?  Just don't be chichi!"

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Anonymous said...

I'll be ANOTHER enabler. Let's go to Ohio Thrift and find another gorgeous Kasper! ML